EasyTagCloud v2.8 released

Upgrade Notes

  • Add a easy-to-use categories filter, now could select the tags directly or filtered by categories.
  • Add a component to define the tagged items page accurately.
  • optimize codes.
  • In order to have better performance, the two plugins for EasyTagCloud are turned to two independent extensions EasyTagCloud-3D and EasyTagCloud-Awesome.
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Report bug or give your suggestions to the developer, you could provide your feedback in forum or email, it is recommended to post in forum because other people can also join the discussion.

Translate into your language

The orginal language is English, your translation might help other users speak your language.

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If you think the projects are useful and want to promote the further development, it is kindly to spend few time to leave your rating for Qi Projects in JED.

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Fixed the input error of reCAPTCHA

The support forum is protected by reCAPTHCA, today some friends told me they got the warning "input error: invalid referer" when trying to post in the forum. I checked and found I forgot to update the key setting of reCAPTCHA after changed the premier domain from "http://www.joomlatonight.com" to "http://www.huangqiprojects.com", reCAPTCHA key is restricted to the specified domain so never forget to forget the key setting when domain changed.

Now reCAPTHCA is work now and welcome to post in the forum to get me! :)

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Easy Seller v1.1 release and it is FREE now!

Easy Seller v1.1 is a paid download extension for Joomla! 3, the component and two plugins are included.

It was the commercial project in v1.0, now I changed some features and release it for free.

Well, selling digital goods could not be easier with Easy Seller!

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Partial domain not allowed

This error message usually occure when trying send mail via sendmail on linux server, it means your host name is not right, its format should be a valid domain (e.g. mydomain.com). Set the right host name and your mail server would work.

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