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EasyTagCloud is an easy, cute and reliable Joomla! extension to build tag cloud.

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Easy Seller is an easy, reliable Joomla! extension to sell digital goods.


Hi!!Problem with the easytagcolud!!

Well, I have used Easytagcloud in,and it is really powerful!!! But I have this problem...when I put my mouse over the generated tags,it says the articles that I will find when I click that tag; when I finally click it, the search page will open with another tag, usually one that was not written in the module!!! It seemed a conflict with Joomfish plugins Search - Jfsomething but, when I deactivated them, I still find the same error!! Curious thing: Also if the tags displayed in the search results are incorrect, the module works fine(e.g. I click on tag "paolino", the search page give me the "fabietto" result instead, but the lists of articles found have really the exact word "fabietto" inside them!!!)