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EasyTagCloud is an easy, cute and reliable Joomla! extension to build tag cloud.

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Easy Seller is an easy, reliable Joomla! extension to sell digital goods.


A small bug fixed in Easytagcloud v2.3

The bug is:

The component can't get related articles for phrase tag .

Please update your Easytagcloud if you installed version 2.3 before Dec.11 

Easytagcloud v2.3 release

We have stoped the support and download provide for EasyTagCloud v2.3 and v2.0 since June 2,2013,please see other better versions,thank you.

Version 2.3 (Nov. 2012,by Kee Wong)
New features:
   *Use database to store tags data rather than file.It runs faster,more stable and more flexible!
   *Use Easytagcloud component to display related articles,not the Search component anymore,which always make the result inaccurate.
   *Ignore the repeated tags in the same article. 
   *Change a lot in backend interface,more convient to pick color and set other values.
   *Enable to see the time to update and click to update tags in backend.
   *Add Tags Order parameter.
   *Add Display Number parameter(for the component).
   *Add Chars Limit paramter(for the component).
   *The backlink is removed from the module and added in the bottom of the component.
Bug fixed:
   *Repair the error when try to duplicate or try to create more than one module.
Features removed:
   *Remove Search Type parameter.

Template changed and some comments lost...

Now Joomla Tonight is using the template Dandelion designed by myself.I converted the article comment extension from Yvcomment to Jcomment,but for some reason,some comments lost(The replies).

I am testing Easytagcloud v2.3 and planning to release her recently,it changed a lot and is amazing!

Easytagcloud 2.1 released

See more details: