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This error message usually occure when trying send mail via sendmail on linux server, it means your host name is not right, its format should be a valid domain (e.g. Set the right host name and your mail server would work.

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EasyTagCloud v2.7 released

Upgrade Notes

1. Only support native Joomla! tags and remove the support for k2

2. Add option to set width and heigh

3. Add option to select specific tags to display

4. Add option to set if only get most tagged tags or get tags at random

5. Add option to set if display the number of tagged items


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EasyTagCloud v2.6 released

I am proudly to release EasyTagCloud v2.6, the basic and core part is free as always but extended by plugins.

Upgrade Notes

1. Add support for K2

2. Add 3D Tags and Awesome Cloud plugin

3. Hide useless options when load plugin

4. Remove build-in styles

5. Remove intelligend mode

Upgrade guide for paid users

Paid users still have the access to 3D  Tags plugin, simply install the plugin and enjoy the cute 3d features.

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Happy lunar new year!

Hello everyone,

I will leave to enjoy my Spring Festival holiday from Jan. 22 to Feb. 7, the support (both email and forum) may not be available during these days.

Thanks for your understanding and happy lunar new year!


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EasyTagCloud v2.5 released

Upgrade Notes

1. Move JavaScript and CSS codes from body to head (W3C validation).

2. Add support to multiple language site.

3. Add category Filter for EasyTagCloud for Joomla! 3.x (support any extension with standard tag feature).

4. Fix the bug of  results don't display when tag contains hyphen.

5. Remove the component and move the tags converter to module in EasyTagCloud for Joomla! 3.x.

6. Fix the bug of tags converter in Joomla! 3.2.

7. Add the option to display articles with only title or both title and text in tag related page.

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