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EasyTagCloud is an easy, cute and reliable Joomla! extension to build tag cloud.

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Easy Seller is an easy, reliable Joomla! extension to sell digital goods.


EasyTagCloud v2.4 released

Three different packages release(Free,Plus,Pro)


New features:
   -Move the update time countdown from module to component back end.
   -Update tags automatically when update countdown to 0.
   -Display related items in blog style instead of searching results style.
   -Add authorization control when show tags
   -Change the algorithm to calculate the font size of tags.
   -Add settings Bold,tags bgcolor,tags hover bgcolor,padding,border radius in module.
   -Add six build-in basic styles in module.
   -Add Intelligent mode (Pro).
   -Add 3D mode (Pro).
   -Add SEF support.
   -Title in related items page changes according to the tag. 
   -Display related items by blog style.

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Tags font size bug fixed for Easytagcloud v2.3

Thanks for the feedback from Ruud val Lent.

The way to count the sum of tags frequence was not correct,it may cause the font size of tags all the same if you have A LOT OF tags stored.

Please update your Easytagcloud v2.3 if installed before Nov.26 to avoid the trouble.


Start and Finish publishing bug fixed for Easytagcloud 2.3

Thanks for the feedback from Federico Lopez Nolasco.

I didn't consider the start publishing and finish publishing data so Easytagcloud tried to index tags from the articles that had not published yet,it would come with a 404 error if the visitor try to open the unpublished ariticles in the related articles page.

Please update your extension if you installed before Nov.25 to avoid the problem.

Tags Order bug fixed for Easytagcloud v2.3

Thank for the feedback from Ruud.

The bug was the module may Ignore some famous tags if TAG ORDER parameter is selected as "Alphabet" or "Frequnce asc".

I also added a new option "Randomly" for TAG ORDER parameter.


Please update your Easytagcloud v2.3 if you installed before Dec.19