We have stoped the support and download provide for EasyTagCloud v2.3 and v2.0 since June 2,2013,please see other better versions,thank you.

Version 2.3 (Nov. 2012,by Kee Wong)
New features:
   *Use database to store tags data rather than file.It runs faster,more stable and more flexible!
   *Use Easytagcloud component to display related articles,not the Search component anymore,which always make the result inaccurate.
   *Ignore the repeated tags in the same article. 
   *Change a lot in backend interface,more convient to pick color and set other values.
   *Enable to see the time to update and click to update tags in backend.
   *Add Tags Order parameter.
   *Add Display Number parameter(for the component).
   *Add Chars Limit paramter(for the component).
   *The backlink is removed from the module and added in the bottom of the component.
Bug fixed:
   *Repair the error when try to duplicate or try to create more than one module.
Features removed:
   *Remove Search Type parameter.


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