EasyTagCloud is an cute Tag Cloud extension built for native Joomla! tags.

3D Tags Plugin for EasyTagCloud

3D Tags Plugin Support 3d tags feature for EasyTagCloud.

Awesome Cloud Plugin for EasyTagCloud

Awesome Cloud build tags into nice looking shapes for EasyTagCloud.

Easy Seller

Easy Seller is an easy, reliable Joomla! extension to sell digital goods.


Easy Chart for Phoca Download

Easy Chart is a graphical representation of downloads data for Phoca Download.

Thanks for the feedback from Federico Lopez Nolasco.

I didn't consider the start publishing and finish publishing data so Easytagcloud tried to index tags from the articles that had not published yet,it would come with a 404 error if the visitor try to open the unpublished ariticles in the related articles page.

Please update your extension if you installed before Nov.25 to avoid the problem.


0 # Eddy 2013-01-14 21:10

Is there a way that when a keyword with 1 occurrence is selected the related article is shown without the selection page with all (= 1) articles with that keyword?
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0 # Eddy 2013-01-14 21:08
I am having trouble with the tag cloud. There are 2 articles with 2 same keywords reappearing. One of those appears in the tag cloud, the other not.

I don't understand why the keyword is not shown. I have not used the blacklist. There are other keywords shown with less (= 1) occurrences.

Appreciate your help.
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