Easy Seller is an easy, reliable extension to sell digital goods. This documentation is a step-by-step guide for user and a demo to represent how does Easy Seller work.



Install Easy Seller in Extension Manager, the package include one component and two plugins, the plugins will be enabled automatically after installation.


Click on Configuration button to configuration page.

PayPal Receiver Email: Your PayPal email to receive money,  the PayPal account type should be Premier or Business.

Sandbox Mode:  Set sandbox mode to No if your selling is live.

Currency: Select from a list of supported currency.

Customize Buttons: Easy Seller display the CSS3 buttons of Buy Now, Add to Cart and Check Out by default, but we can easily customize by set Customize Buttons to Yes and set our own images for buttons, optional.

Email Delivery Subject/Body: The template of email delivery, some special tags are avaiable, the tags will be replaced with the corresponding content when send email to payer.


Thank You Page Subject/Body: The template of Thank You Page represented to the payer after the payment is complete.

Create Download

Click on Downloads button to downloads page, click new to add a download for sale.

Name: The download name

Select File:

Click on the Select File button to open the file selector, we should upload the file to server and select it. Please mind the maximum allowed size for uploaded files and maximum size of POST value that may lead to uploading failed.

Easy Seller will create a folder in yoursite/administrator/com_easyseller/ named with files+8 randomly letters and numbers (e.g. fileskp7oVyNb) to store files. The randomly folder name and the .htaccess file inside is to protect the the files from invalid access. We can also move files to this folder and the files will appear in the list of File Selector.

Price: Set the price for this download.

Discount: The payer will enjoy the corresponding discount when purchase the download, from 0% to 100%.

Discount Begin Date/Discount End Date: The Payer will only enjoy the corresponding discount in a limited period, optional.

Expiration Days/Expiration Downloads: The order will expire after specified days or downloads times, 0 for unlimited.

Show Buy Now Button/Show Add to Cart Button: Show Buy Now Button or Add to Cart Button for this download, or both.

Publish Download

It is easy to publish download in article, module or any place in your page. Now here is an example to add download to article:

Click the Easy Seller button within editor and select the download.

The download codes will be added in the article automatically.

Customer purchase download

Preview the article just added and two buttons are there already. The customer will be redirected to PayPal page directly if click Buy Now button while keep staying and add the item to cart if click Add to Cart.

If the customer decide to continue shopping and there will be a fixed block appear in right bottom of the page to remind the amount of items in cart.

Click the Check Out button to redirect to the PayPal page to finish the payment.

The payer will be redirected back to the Thank You Page after payment done.

In order to be able take the payer back to your website automatically, please login to your PayPal account, go to Profile->Other Options->Website Payment Preferences

Set Auto Return to On.

Return URL will be overrided so doesn't matter


The payer should receive an email contains the order information and download link in a short while, make sure your email settings work well.

Open the download link, the payer will be able to view his transaction and download the purchased items.

Manage Transaction

Easy Seller will record the transaction once the payment made. Click on Transactions buttons in back end to see the transactions.

Click the transaction id to view transaction details

The Expiration Days and Expiration Downloads can be modified, the Available Days and Available Downloads are caculated automatically.

Lock: Usually the lock status is UNLOCK, Easy Seller will compare the money amount from PayPal and the money amount should get paid for each item, if the  amounts are not equal (Mostly because the payer tried to modify the price or discount intentionally), the status of the item will be LOCK. The item is protected and can't be downloaded by the payer. The administrator could also lock or unlock the item manually.

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