1.Download the package from our Download section.

2.Go to the top menu in back end Extensions->Extensions Mananger.

3.Upload the package and install.


Component configuration

Tags update

EasyTagCloud get tags from meta keywords in articles, the component will update tags at interval to keep the best efficiency.Go to the component administration and you can see the update countdown and the UPDATE NOW button.When the countdown decreased to 0 EasyTagCloud will update the tags and tell you how many tags updated in this cycle,of couse you could update the tags at any time by clicking the UPDATE NOW button.


In component back end,there is a option button.

The first option is set the update interval, the other ones are options to control the appearance in tag related page when click one tag.

Module configuration

Tags generation

Tags generation is different from tags update,tags update is managed by the component and will retrieve all the tags.But tags generation is managed by the module,each module has its individual filtering (eg. categories,blacklist etc).The items display in tag related page are also controlled by the module, the same tag in different module may lead to different tag related page according to different modules settings.

Tags convertor

EasyTagCloud v2.4 has added the support for Joomla 3, the extension get tags from the build in tag system in Joomla 3 rather than meta keywords in articles. In order to make it compatible with the packages before, EasyTagCloud v2.4 for Joomla 3 add the tags convertor in component backend to convert meta keywords to tags easily.


Tags styles

The options are easy to understanding but there are two important parts to figure out:

1.Styles selector: Please note your changes to tags style options will not save if you switch the style.

2.Google Fonts (added in 2.4.3): Please fill the right font name and script subsets from ,effect option wouldn't work if font name field is empty. Note not all browsers support the effect, please refer for more details.

Intelligent mode

If intelligent mode on,the tags will be divided into 3 classes based on their font sizes,the color settings in intelligent mode will applied and the same settings in tags style options  will be overrided.It can used to generate different colors for different popular tags.


3D mode

3D mode in EasyTagCloud is developed based on HTML5 canvas from TagCanvas and inherited most of the options.Compared with flash tag cloud,The tags in 3D mode are cute and can be indexed by search engine.

Tags in 3D mode will inherited the options Font size,Font color,Google font,Target from the Tags Styles Options and Intelligent Options.

Plugin configuration

Plugin is added in v2.4.3, it is used to display tags before or after the articles.

The plugin has 3 options: Category filter, Only in article view, Tags position.

In order to change the style of tags in plugin, please edit the file located in plugins/content/easytagcloud/css/default.css 


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