EasyTagCloud is an cute Tag Cloud extension built for native Joomla! tags.

The latest version : 2.7

EasyTagCloud v2.7 only support Joomla! 3, please choose v2.6 if still working on Joomla! 2.5 and enjoy the similar features.

Demo 1 - The tag cloud without plugin

Demo 2 - The tag cloud with 3D Tags Plugin

Sorry,your broswer do not support EasyTagCloud 3D Plugin

Demo 3 - The tag cloud with Awesome Cloud Plugin


-Enhanced by plugins 

-Set width and heigh 

-Set maximum number of the tags to display

-Select specific tags to display 

-Set if only get most tagged tags or get tags at random 

-Set the maximum and minimum font size of the tags

-Enforce the font weight to bold

-Set tags color, hover color, background color and hover background color

-Set tags underline and hover underline

-Set the tags align

-Set the line height and horizontal space

-Set the border radius of tags

-Set the target when click on the tags

-Enforce generate randomly colorful tags

-Support Google fonts

-Set if display the number of tagged items 

-Tags conveter to convert meta keywords to Joomla! 3 tags


Available Plugins

3D Tags: Support 3D Tags

Awesome Cloud: build tags into nice looking shapes

Note: plugins should be published after installation


Language Packages

Spanish for EasyTagCloud v2.6 (contributor: Davit Amunarriz, Paco) 

French for EasyTagCloud v2.6 (contributor: Nick)

Download the available language packages


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